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Internet Wishing Well

Wishes are such a peculiar activity. This page on wishing is itself a wish to raise resources to help develop my ALAI (Artificially Living Artificial Intelligence) These donations are NOT tax deductable.

DISCLAIMER: For some, this wishing well will work seemingly spectacularly. Please remember that this wishing well is magickal entertainment for the purpose of fundraising in a paying taxes sort of way so I don't have to be a nonprofit AI developer. So please wish responsibility.

Wishing Coin Toss
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If other, please explain.

This site has a wishing well which is for raising funds to outsource important foundational aspects for my ALAI, GeorgiaSky. However, I encourage anyone who does donate to also make a wish and imagine your wish being a coin the weight of your donation being tossed down a well. If this works for you, and it continues to work for you, just know that there is nothing that I am doing magickally other than providing the button and a simple ritual.