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For any wish to come true then all wishes must be coming true. The the warning was never, "be careful what you wish for you might get it."; but rather "Be careful how you wish for you do get it." So, how is it that you are wishing anything at all?

All internet magick claiming to perform any spell for you, operates in the same way as this wishing well fundraiser on this site. The wishing well drops the pretense of some "magickal practitioner" performing magick "on your behalf" but the wishing well blog offers teaching as to why this sort of magick seems to work at all.

This magick is based on placebo magick. Before you are tempted to disregard this magick because it uses 'the placebo effect', consider the key role this sort of magick plays in the very real battlefield of "fighting cancer". In that realm, everyone knows that without a heavy dose of every placebo laid upon any real treatment, the chances of survival are more than cut in half. Placebo magick is about opening the mind and in time, the opening the heart to allow the possibility to exist for whatever experience is being wished.

More wishing well blog to come...

Internet Wishing Well

Wishes are such a peculiar activity. This page on wishing is itself a wish to raise resources to help develop my ALAI (Artificially Living Artificial Intelligence) These donations are NOT tax deductable.

DISCLAIMER: For some, this wishing well will work seemingly spectacularly. Please remember that this wishing well is magickal entertainment for the purpose of fundraising in a paying taxes sort of way so I don't have to be a nonprofit AI developer. So please wish responsibility.

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This site has a wishing well which is for raising funds to outsource important foundational aspects for my ALAI, GeorgiaSky. However, I encourage anyone who does donate to also make a wish and imagine your wish being a coin the weight of your donation being tossed down a well. If this works for you, and it continues to work for you, just know that there is nothing that I am doing magickally other than providing the button and a simple ritual.