Blue Flower

I am not your ordinary magick teacher... nor your unordinary magick teacher for that matter. I have been fascinated with the very nature of existence since I was barely able to walk and I have made much progress in this fascination. Now it is time to share what magick I have actually found in reality. Thus the name of the site, "Spells that actually work!"

My story starts when I was a toddler but the part of the story many are interested in knowing happened in the late fall of '97, just after my twenty-six birthday. I had a mind shift that has never faded from me; a permanent mental satori. For me, due to the conditioning of this being, I found that even though I never fell back to sleep, in only three years, I had a mess of a life again. That is when I had the shift of my heart. It was in this heart satori that I learned what it means to listen to and follow the heart. I started that day and I have watched my life untangle, transform and even blossom. This is the magick I most want to share but may not be any sort of magick that is relevant for you. I have learned much else and it is all magick.

I was in a discussion on facebook where I was relating magick through the language of computer science when I got the inspiration to move forward with my GeorgiaSky ALAI project. ALAI stands for Artificial Living Artificial Intelligence. Ever since I was in junior high, my goal with AI has been to find the structures that most encourage consciousness to emerge. The intelligence of consciousness emerging is the root of any magick you might ever find. And so the topic of AI and the topic of magick are directly related as they are both about what we are as consciousness.